iVisions OwnCloud

An expanding business is good news but with it comes the frustration of having limited capacity on your existing IT infrastructure. With the Cloud, your troubles are over. Our Cloud infrastructure provides you with a user-friendly, secure answer to all your file access frustrations.


You get to choose:
✓ where your data gets stored
✓ how it is shared and accessed
✓ who gets to use it
✓ what storage amount you need
✓ Private Cloud Or iVisions Cloud

With iVisions ownCloud, you gain an IT infrastructure that automatically contracts and expands to your needs, encrypts your data to keep it secure and provides you with a flexible, fully-customisable solution that will give your business that competitive edge. Why be locked down to what other cloud storage providers offer? With iVisions ownCloud hosting, you get to choose your data, your storage, your way! Have the peace of mind with your data securely stored on dedicated highly available servers you can control. Get universal access to your files everywhere with a variety of clients available on all devices (mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops)

Choose from an array of ownCloud server configurations that fit your needs.
✓ Dedicated Virtual Server (recommended)
✓ Dedicated Physical Server

Looking to set up your own Cloud storage software appliance on your own premise? With iVisions ownCloud services implementation, you can set up your own Cloud storage server at your own premises and integrate it with your own applications such as directory servers, intrusion detection and other security tools. As an official ownCloud Technology Partner, you can be assured that your cloud storage infrastructure is deployed using industry best practices.

For enquiries and pricing, email our sales team sales@ivisionsglobal.com and we’ll be in touch with you soon!